Alondra Oubre has courage. She steps into an area that's utterly taboo: genes and race. And she gives a thorough overview of where the research on the issue stands. With the possible exception of Superior: The Return of Race Science, this is a topic you will not get a comprehensive, dispassionate review of anywhere else.”

– Howard Bloom,

Author of The Lucifer Principle and Einstein, Michael Jackson & Me

Science in Black and White…sheds a fresh light on how both nature and nurture—innovative concepts of biology combined with expanding constructs of environment—affect racial disparities in life outcomes. [T]his knowledge…eventually could pave the way for productive societal transformation to substantially improve the lives of underserved and marginalized populations, including black communities worldwide….

– QBR ,

The Black Book Review

Rich in technical detail, Science in Black and White offers a dispassionate, factual debunking of the biological arguments used to justify racist claims, while showing how differences arise from the complex interplay of genetics, epigenetics, and environmental influences….[This] is an information-dense and intensely data-driven book that is meticulously annotated….I found Oubré’s dispassionate approach a breath of fresh air….[I]f you want to engage with the nitty-gritty and go deeper into the claims of racialist scholars and understand why they are mistaken, this book is the ticket. []

– The Inquisitive Biologist

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